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Wall stickers is a wall of fashion, own effortless get wall modification, simplicity fast and is casual, decoration effect very of intuitive.

Wall stickers uses PVC material, strong adhesive, easy care, economic cheap. It is a modern family, a shop wall decoration product.


Instructions for Use


 1, Roogo you are posted on glass or tile surface, because of its material smooth, before proceeding with best with a clean cleaning cloth to veneer dry, so relatively easily adhesive, and flat effect better;



 2, some larger pattern stickers, there may be a little bubble after flattening, then you can use the paper scraper to scrape to remove the bubble or use the needle tip to prick the small bubble to wipe flat, does not loudspeaker the adhesive effect;



 3, if adhesive wall moisture, aging or just brush the new paint, adhesive after may cause wall stickers off automatically, or will cause wall peeling, can with blow dryer Hotwind will wall blow dry or stay paint volatilization a time after paste, but effect may somewhat access, so please the majority of customer carefully choose the paste location;



 4, if accidentally wall stickers mislabelled location, can with small blade will wall stickers corner gently raises tear off, served as new adhesive-, this product normal situation under-repeated use, as long as not tear bad;



 5, DIY series product of typesetting size is close, you can demonstrate infinite creative, free combination arrangement modeling and location, can first with scissors will pattern separately cut open, built time attention do not cut to mission,

After that, you can design the general typesetting first, and make a unique creative space personally.

Wall Sticker SK9007